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 Install Backtrack 5 on Android | Best Android Solutions
8:48 pm - Sunday March 1, 2015

Install Backtrack 5 on Android

Tuesday, 9 August 2011, 8:09 | Hot News | Comments Off | 8051 Views
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Backtrack 5 on Android ?

You can consistently install Debian adaptation on your android version, and now you can alike install the accepted pentest OS: Backtrack 5 on ARM devices.

Gitbrew has been able to install Backtrack 5 on a abiding Android phone. By application Debdroid, users run Linux distros congenital for ARM devices. Gitbrew’s has been able to get a absolutely anatomic adaptation of Backtrack 5 alive on any Android device. So how adamantine is it? If your buzz is already rooted, its aloof a beam amend from zip abroad and you would be active Backtrack 5 ARM on your android phone.

The OS is absolutely Ubuntu-based so it is accessible to run it like a desktop, including active Firefox and added Linux applications. If you accept an android phones with HDMI out, your android buzz could accomplish a absolute carriageable PC.

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